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Disaster safety industry
Inquiry : Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Disaster Safety Industry Division / +82-44-205-4192

Status of Related Industrial Companies

Companies : total 64,141
Employees : 393,010 persons

males 292,066 persons, females 100,944 persons

Sales Volume : KRW 43.7140 trillion

Definition of disaster safety industry

“The term ”disaster safety industry“ means an industry that develops, produces, distributes technologies, products, etc or provides related services to protect a human life, body, and property from disasters or various accidents under Article 3 Subparagraph 1 of the Framework Act on Disaster and Safety Management (Article 2)

Boundary of disaster safety industry

The scope of the disaster safety industry is based on the Framework Act on Disaster and Safety Management - The scope of the disaster safety industry also including natural and social disasters

The scale of the disaster safety industry (2020 Survey Results)

Companies : There are a total of 71,038 companies, followed by social disaster prevention (22,035 companies, 31.0%) and disaster response (20,026 companies,29.9%) by industry

Sales Volume : Of the total sales(KRW 47.3493 trillion), the sales in social disaster prevention industry is KRW 13.1513 trillion,with 28.1%, the highest propotion and the sales in disaster response industry is KRW 12.5837 trillion, with 26.6%

Employees : of the total Employees(410.319 persons), males(312,417 persons, 76.1%) were about three times more than females (97,902 persons, 23.8%)