Safety Policy Introduction

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Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Disaster Safety Industry Division



2022. 10. 12(Wed) – 10. 14(Fri) / EXCO

Hosted by


Approximately 30,000 domestic and foreign buyers and visitors from 250 companies and institutions are expected to participate

Main Contents

Exhibition of excellent high-tech safety products and technologies and operation of various additional events

Program info

The opening ceremony
Date and time/venue
22.10.12.(Wed) 11:00~13:30 / Main stage in the exhibition hall
the prime minister,the Minister of Public Administration and Security, About 150 people, including heads of local governments (planned
Main contents
Opening, congratulatory speech, and awards*,Performance a showroom tour, Lunch (if necessary), etc

safety technology grand prize, disaster and safety management R&D grand prize of all ministries (Presidential Award 1, Prime Minister Award 2, Minister Award 12)

Exhibition Hall (online exhibition hall parallel)
General view of industry
Exhibition of excellent disaster safety products and technologies in 6 safety areas

①adisasterprevention/fire②Security③Industry④Life ⑤Transportation/Ocean⑥Public safety services

A special subject matter
R&D by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and specialized safety products and technologies in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do

(Ministry of Public Administration and Security) Unmanned remote-controlled electric vehicles, digital twin-based disaster support platforms, etc (Daegu) Smart safety city utilizing urban data, disaster integrated management platform (Safe Hiso), etc (Gyeongbuk) Metabus Disaster Safety (Safety Education, VR CPR, etc.), Disaster Safety R&D Tasks, etc

Business Programs
An export consultation meeting
Disaster safety company ↔ Support for overseas buyer biz matching (KOTRA collaboration)
Purchasing consultation meeting
Disaster safety enterprises ↔ Support for biz matching of large enterprises and public institutions (Korean commissions for corporate partneship collaboration)
Operation of trade support briefing sessions for disaster safety enterprises, export consultation booths (co-operation of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy), etc
Safety-related conference

International Disaster Prevention Cooperation Seminar (National Institute for Disaster and Safety) ,Elevator Safety Network Forum (Elevator Corporation), Conference organized by 20 organizations, including a seminar on safety service design projects (Industrial Complex Corporation)