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Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Disaster Safety Industry Division


he government certifies disaster safety products to secure public confidence in certified products and enhance the market competitiveness of companies (From Feb. 2018)


Legal certification with legal basis, voluntary certification without coercion, and post-confirmed certification that determines the subject and standard of certification after receipt


Products used for disaster management, products that protect life and property from disasters and accidents, and products that improve the level of disaster reduction or safety management

Related Law

Article 73-4 of the Framework Act on Disaster and Safety Management

Certification procedure

After receiving it, it is confirmed through the review committee (6 months)

2 After the second certification review, opinions from stakeholders are collected (30 days)

Example of disaster safety products

Disaster and safety lightingt

CCTV camera to improve visual acuity

Handrail and folding outdoor evacuation stairs

Micro capsules automatic fire extinguishing products

Cotton light-emitting background traffic lights

Multifunctional Fusecock