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R&D contest.
National Disaster Management Research Institute (+82-52-928-8036)
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A system that supports consulting costs for product development and commercialization such as prototype production and certification for excellent technologies developed and possessed by companies (public offering).


4.2 billion won in 2022 on the 10 new items in the safety manufacturing sector.


Customized consulting support such as market research, promotion, and marketing is provided to solve difficulties experienced in the commercialization, commercialization, and sales of excellent disaster safety technologies.

"24 billion won in support for 21 years (24 companies, within 10 million won for each)


Article 2 of "Small and medium-sized enterprises under of the Framework Act on Small and Medium Enterprises, and Mid-sized enterprises" and Article 2-1 of "Special Act on Promotion of Growth and Competitiveness of Medium Enterprises"

Commercialization Cases례

Indoor radon and fine dust combined air quality measuring instrument
  • Multi-air quality measuring instruments such as ultra-precision radon and fine dust.
  • Application areaApplication to multi-use facilities such as apartment residential spaces and subways.

Thermal image analysis camera
  • Synthesis, a single image made it clear the visible light images for fire detection and thermal burn.
  • Application areaApplied to domestic and international video security and fire safety response markets.

Temperature-controlled loT safety helmet
  • Temperature control is possible using a semi conductor thermoelectric element, and a safety helmet considering user convenience and optimization of each part.
  • Application areaApplication to workplaces where it is mandatory to wear safety helmets.

High-capacity (100 tons) silicon viscous damper for high-rise buildings.
  • High-rise buildings, large bridges, railroad and port structures, etc. that require vibration reduction.
  • Application areaHigh-rise buildings, large bridges, railroad and port structures, etc. that require vibration reduction.