Safety Technology Awards

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Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Disaster Safety Industry Division

The field of contest

New disaster safety technologies and new products that can secure public safety by using or utilizing safety technologies and products closely related to public life


Korean companies or citizens who have developed and possessed disaster safety technologies and products

Award details

President(1), Prime Minister(1), Minister(6)

Commendation for the Promotion of the Safety Industry: Institutions, organizations, and individuals who contributed to enhancing the competitiveness of the safety industry

Awards Winners Over the past 3 years

Presidential 2022 Simultaneous Detection Solution for Intrusion and Fire Risk Based on Smart Sound Field Safety Sensor
  • A solution that simultaneously detects intrusion and fire hazards without blind spots using smart sound field safety sensors

Prime Minister 2022 An emergency respirator
  • Respiratory technology, a fire emergency escape oxygen respirator characterized by CO2 sorbent heat exchange

Presidential Award 2021 Evacuation device used as an all-in-one folding safety railing and outdoor evacuation stairs
  • RTLS* Workers' Safety Management System Using loT Technology * RTLS: Real Time Location System

Prime Minister Award 2021 CCTV system for improving low-corrective images through multi-filtering
  • A CCTV system that automatically recognizes the H/W and S/W composite filters that can overcome the low correction state and automatically controls the filter according to the correction step

Presidential Award 2020 A negative pressure carrier for transporting infected and suspected patients
  • It is the first negative pressure carrier developed in Korea to replace foreign products and is lightweight and easy to install

Prime Minister Award 2020 Ansim band
  • A disposable wrist-type band that can monitor the separation of self-quarantined people from their mobile phones through smartphones and Bluetooth connections